Most of us are just able to make an yearly pilgrimage to Tirupathi to have the 'divine' darshan of Lord Srinivasa.  That also, only after waiting for hours in the huge queues of fellow devotees. Even then, the Volunteers shout "Jarugandi, Jarugandi" & ensure we pass out at the earliest. We probably will be "lucky" to get a minute or two to Worship the Lord & seek HIS Blessings!

But, after our darshan, when we come out of the crowded queue of devotees, into the outside prahara, a thought flashes across in our minds, "Oh My God, I wanted to 'ask' HIM all these things (our Wish List) but had forgotten to do so in the melee & rough and tumble darshan." In fact, we are unable to recollect even the "alankar" of Lord Venkateswara, for that day, even though we had 'seen' HIM just a few minutes earlier.  Many a time, we murmur to ourselves, "Damn it, they didn't even allow me to have a good darshan as the Volunteers kept hurrying us out shouting "Jarugandi, Jarugandi." And due to these people virtually 'pushing' us out & due to the crowd also elbowing us all the time, we couldn't even make our "Prarthana" (Prayer or Wish List!) to God. We regret having "wasted" an opportunity to 'ask' the Lord and get 'rid' of all our problems with his infinite Grace!

But, all these aren't true according to Chief Priest Dr. Ramana Dikshithar. He claims that a PECULIAR ENERGY FIELD exists in this area which actually makes all devotees "forget" what we want to pray for or 'ask' from the Lord of the Seven Hills! This may appear ludicrous to most of us.

Many times I have myself personally felt that these Volunteers & huge crowd of Devotees do not even allow me to have a 'proper' darshan of Lord Balaji and have even been 'jealous' of these very same Volunteers as well as Priests who spend hours & hours inside the Garba Graha, and that they are really lucky people who have so much time to worship the Lord and "ask" HIM for their requirements or boons....

But, Dr.Ramana says, it's the "same" for everyone.  The Volunteers, Temple Staff as well as the Priests, also "suffer" from this same temporary "LOSS OF MEMORY" as long as they remain within this same 'Energy Field'.

According to him, the only exemptions to this rule, are the Selfless Yogis & living Saints.
Why & How do we "FORGET" our wishes once inside the Garba Graha area??

Dr Ramana says this is a phenomenon beyond our limited human comprehension. Let's examine it further.....

The area between the GARUDALWAR'S SANNIDHI & GARBALAYA seems to be under the influence of some peculiar, mysterious "Power!" It can be possibly termed as a very High Energy Field.

It is believed that every minute of the day, Crores & Crores of Devas as well as Devatas belonging to the clans of Kinnaras, Kimpurusha, Garuda, Gandharva, Siddha, Saathya, Yatcha etc constantly keep coming for Lord Vishnu's Divya Darshan!

Also, as per the Ashtotra of the Swamy, enlightened Siddhars come seeking the Lord's Blessings from a place known as Swethadeepam!

Furthermore, Lord Skanda alias Murugan who is in a constant state of 'Tapas' at a holy Theertham known as "Kumaradhara", comes to worship Lord Venkateswara daily.

As a consequence of such constant visits by Siddhars, Devas, Devatas, Demi-Gods & even Gods like Lord Murugan, who come as "Beings of Light" and stay inside the Garbalaya, a huge Energy Field is created & sustained!

When human beings like us enter this Energy Field, our thoughts which are emitted in the form of 'Alpha Waves', get "stunned" and our Minds just "Go Blank" or "Black-out!"
Hence, whatever we had wanted to "ask" the Lord, are forgotten totally.  A LOSS OF MEMORY HAPPENS!

At the same time, the MEMORIES of having worshipped the Lord, are also DELETED.  i.e. Deletion of Memory happens.....

Both these occurrences are due to the "attack" of the Energy Field on us human beings.

This remarkable event is one of the strangest or 'peculiar' happenings occurring daily at Shri Thiruvengadam Udaiyan Temple at Tirupati.....

A veritable Miracle!
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